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A Feb 7, 2013 news report from France Channel 2 focusing on what is spreading through much of Europe. Sub-titled, but well worth the trouble of reading.

A 2011 News report covering the violence of Muslim youth gangs in Sweden can be viewed here:

The Muslim Issue

When Muslims want to Islamize an entire area, a neighbourhood, a township, they use the same tactic you find in this video from French TV. Deliberate Islamization is happening all across the UK, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, France, Germany, Spain and so on. The intention of this is to create Muslim no-go zones in these areas. Muslim expect the areas to grow bigger and bigger until they become entirely run under Islamic law, the Sharia. Eventually they expect them to grow so big that the areas become a majority and entire townships and cities are run by Sharia. This is how Islam has taken over in countries that today are nightmarish violent Islamic societies.

The following news report from French TV celebrates the solution to the problem of “desertification”: more Islam!

That’s right: to end the intimidation, threats, violence, theft, and vandalism, let the Muslims themselves assume control, and then normal…

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