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Boston Has Jihadi Terror History, report says

Jihadist activity has taken place in Massachusetts since at least 1993 and includes in-state fundraising for terrorism

Boston Harbors

Jihadists use Beantown for base, report says

From Washington Free Beacon
By Adam Kredo, April 30, 2013

Muslim extremists with ties to al Qaeda have been using Massachusetts and the city of Boston as a jihadi headquarters since at least 1993, according to a recent report by a top terrorism analyst.

At least 26 residents were found to have ties to al Qaeda, according to the report by the Henry Jackson Society. The activity dates from before the Tsarnaev brothers, radical Muslim immigrants to the United States, were identified as the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Jihadist activity has taken place in Massachusetts since at least 1993 and includes in-state fundraising for terrorism, “those convicted of planning jihad, and even those who have been killed while fighting abroad,” according to the report by terrorism analyst Robin Simcox.

“The city [of Boston] and state of Massachusetts has a long history of ties to AQ [al Qaeda] and AQ-inspired militancy,” the report states.

Full Story:


COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  Boston is only one of several financial centers/base of operations established in east-coast areas  by the Muslim Brotherhood.   Others were in Northern Virginia and the Tampa area of Florida.  The main organizational structure came primarily from planning conducted in the 1980s by a core group working for Ahmed Elkadi.

The media needs to move it’s focus more towards domestic ties to the Boston bombing and those involved.  As offensive and unbelievable it may be to western sensibilities, groups with an agenda to destroy our current society are well entrenched in the United States.


Islamist Threats – Attacking the Messenger

Louie Gohmert

As Islamic apologists get busy circling the wagons in the wake of the Boston Bombing, the media bullies pull out the stops in attacking individuals that dare sound the alarm.

The current target of the week appears to be Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

No stranger to controversy, Rep. Gohmert’s strong conservative views tend to irk much of the left-wing media.  While the “mis-speaks” of President Obama or vice-President Biden barely result in a blip on the radar of mainstream media, Rep. Gohmert can pretty much be guaranteed a full frontal assault on any comment considered politically incorrect to the liberal masses.

In June 2012, Rep. Gohmert, along with Congress members Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Tom Rooney, Lynn Westmoreland called for an investigation into the influence the Muslim Brotherhood had in our government.  As uncomfortable as it sounds, the best term for the allegation is “infiltration”.   Much of the media responded not by investigating the allegations, but  by discrediting the Congress members through ridicule

Several months later,  former AUSA Andrew McCarthy provided considerable credence to the claims made.  Additional confirmation can be found in an April 2013 report by the Gatestone Institute

With regards to the Boston bombing, Rep. Gohmert believes the Islamic influence has impacted the FBI investigation – a well substantiated view  shared by others.  It would appear that the left-leaning media finds this most troubling as it does not speak well for the agenda towards political correctness.  Not wanting to deal in documented facts, once again the media  apologists rely on personal attacks to discredit.

Hopefully the Benghazi incident will remain in the news cycle.  As  the details are slowly released regarding how the Obama administration reacted, the public may learn how certain Islamic advisors influenced the decisions that resulted in American deaths.  Fox news apparently has additional information and the media spin control appears to be on the increase.

Keep track of the players.  Rep. Gohmert’s 2012 allegations involved the same people/office that handled Benghazi.  Anyone care to go out on a limb?

Taking a Jihadi Vacation

“The United States has already dealt with American immigrants fighting on behalf of Al-Qaeda in Somalia. For years, the FBI has been trying to unlock the secrets of what ABC News describes as “a recruiting pipeline from the Twin Cities”

European Muslims Traveling to Syria to Fight ‘Holy War’

29 Apr 2013, 12:12 PM

With America battling the threat of Islamist terrorism from within, Europe is experiencing a dangerous phenomenon of its own: exporting of Islamism from Europe to the Middle East. According to the Associated Press, European mayors are now attempting to limit the travel of their citizens to Syria to fight “holy war” against the Assad regime in Syria. The AP reports: “Through much of western Europe, scores of Islamic youths have heeded the call to take up arms for a cause that is only a few hours away by plane. The phenomenon has alarmed authorities amid signs that the insurgency is becoming increasingly radicalized, with strong infiltration by al-Qaida.”

Full Story:  European Muslims Traveling to Syria to Fight ‘Holy War’.


COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  While the article mentions U.S. immigrants fighting in Somalia, it is important to note the increasing number of those entering Syria or the instances of  U.S. Muslim converts traveling from the U.S. to commit jihad.  These Jihadi Terror Vacations are usually coordinated through cell groups operating through the support of neighborhood mosques.

The concern of terrorism being brought back from the war zones is very much a global issue.

Boston Bombings: CAIR’s predicted response and real agenda

In Boston Bombing: cue smoke and mirrors,  we indicated that Muslim advocacy groups in the U.S. would deflect from the obvious Islamic link.  Increased focus on the victimization of Muslims would be seen in response to the bombing.

Since the bombers have been identified as Muslims and interviews have disclosed the attack was based on Islamic Jihad, the initial condemnation is now being replaced by measured media responses concerning “Inflammatory Anti-Muslim Rhetoric“.

The Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR) provided a response to the bombings on through an interview with CAIR Florida’s Executive Director Mr. Hassan Shibly.  

Disturbing, but not surprising is, how Shibly focuses on perceived discrimination of Muslims,  stereotyping and Islamaphobia – not the condemnation of the bombers for killing in the name of Islam.  The last question to Shibly is most telling:

OI: If CAIR has the chance to formulate the US government anti-terrorism policy, what would its foundational philosophy be?

Shibly: To profile suspicious actions, not ethnicity or religion. To work with all communities to establish healthy relationships based on trust and mutual respect. To ensure our foreign policy does not radicalize new generations by making sure we do not engage in acts that lead to the deaths of civilians or violations of the sovereignty of independent nations and peoples.

The implication is that the U.S. holds the responsibility for radicalization.

This denial of any link to radical Islamic groups was further demonstrated in an interview of CAIR executive director Nihad Awad on the O’Reilly Factor.    The following transcript of the interview came from the Daily Caller:

O’REILLY: You just said, you just said that radical Islam is not the driving force of terrorism in the world, when that’s an absurd statement. It’s absurd.

AWAD: I think your statement is absurd because you are trying to redefine religion for me. You are trying to define my faith to me.

O’REILLY: No I’m not. I’m telling you that radical Islamists, under the banner of jihad, are causing the most intense terrorism the earth has ever seen and you are denying it. So either you are naïve or I mean, you are just way out of touch. Do you not have a television set?

AWAD: Bill, I think you are just making up some stuff.

O’REILLY: Making it up?

AWAD: I’m telling you Islam is a peaceful religion. Islam is my faith.

O’REILLY: Yeah, what about these jihadists then?

AWAD: Well, also you do not the know the word jihad, what it means. I’m telling you jihad is a legitimate struggle. Those terrorists who are using the word are trying to legitimize their attacks on innocent people.

O’REILLY: Do you know how many of them there are? You have a whole nation of Iran, a whole theocracy that is threatening the world.

AWAD: Let’s not play into their hands and legitimize their attacks.

O’REILLY: Not play into their hands and tell the truth, Mr. Awad.

In short, Awad – a CAIR official,  refused to acknowledge the link of terrorism to “radical” Islamists.

The deflection seems to be mirrored at CAIR local levels as well.  Muslims caution against stereotyping after Boston Marathon bombings  was reported on and Some Oklahoma Muslims voice concern about anti-Islamic rhetoric, counter-terrorism caucus on

As CAIR and others circle the wagons, keep in mind that the tagline of “CAIR is America’s largest Muslim civil liberties and advocacy organization” could also include mention of being  an Unindicted Co-Conspirator with Hamas in the Holy Land Foundation Trial“.  

CAIR’s real agenda can be found in it’s leadership and history. Only time will tell if the victim-hood card pays off as well as it did following the 9/11 attacks.

Follow-up: Alabama terrorist pleads guilty – connecting the dots on the Gulf Coast

“Certainly, the last week hasn’t made it any easier …”
– Defense attorney Dom Soto referring to the Boston Marathon bombing

Alabama man pleads guilty to plotting terrorism abroad, faces up to 15 years

By Brendan Kirby, April 19, 2013

MOBILE, Alabama – – Amid tight security at the federal courthouse, an Alabama man pleaded guilty today to plotting terrorism overseas.

Randy “Rasheed” Wilson … pleads guilty to terrorism charge.

Randy “Rasheed” Wilson, who grew up in Mobile and Birmingham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. Under his plea bargain, prosecutors have agreed to seek a 15-year prison sentence, while the defense is free to argue for less.

Defense attorney Dom Soto said his client wanted to take responsibility for inflammatory statements he made over the course of hundreds of hours of secretly recorded conversations and avoid risking what could have been a 35-year sentence.

“He just doesn’t have confidence that the legal defense would be able to overcome all of the emotions wrapped around this right now. Certainly, the last week hasn’t made it any easier,” he said, referring to the Boston Marathon bombing. “It was his decision to plea. I still maintain this is a free speech case. I have much more confidence in the jury system than he does.”

Full Story:


See our March 27, 2012 post, Accused Alabama terrorist – connecting the dots on the Gulf Coast for additional coverage of this case.

Boston Investigation: FBI impacted by Islamic Influences

“Critics said the FBI’s failure to properly investigate Tsarnaev was a repeat of the bureau’s lapse in missing advance signs of the Islamist radicalization of accused Fort Hood massacre shooter, Army Maj. Nidal Hasan.”

Blind Eye  

Conciliatory FBI policies toward Islamism hampered probe into Boston bombers, experts say

From The Washington Free Beacon
By Bill Gertz, April 23, 2013

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s failure to recognize political Islam as a driver of jihadist terrorism is partly to blame for the FBI not identifying one of the Boston Marathon bombers in 2011 as a security risk, according to U.S. officials and private counterterrorism analysts.

The FBI revealed last week that it was warned by a foreign government in 2011 that Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was killed Friday, was tied to “radical Islam” but the FBI was unable to confirm the links.

“The fact is religion has been expunged from counterterrorism training,” said Sebastian Gorka, a counterterrorism specialist with the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. “The FBI can’t talk about Islam and they can’t talk about jihad.”

Added Patrick S. Poole, another counterterrorism specialist, about FBI policies on Islam: “I have zero doubt it affected their investigation of Tsarnaev.”

A U.S. official said FBI policies of playing down Islamic links to terrorism resulted in the FBI not identifying Tsarnaev, 26, or his brother, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, 19, who was charged with last week’s bombing, as Islamist terrorists.

Instead, the FBI is limiting its description of the two men as ethnic Chechens who became “radicalized” prior to the April 15 bombing of the Boston Marathon. Three people were killed and more than 200 injured in the attack using two homemade bombs placed in pressure cookers and remotely detonated.

Full Article:


COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  This type of report is disturbing but not new.  Post 9/11 reorganization of federal law enforcement has included elements of “sensitivity training” that has had a substantial negative impact on anti-terror capabilities.  One of our sources, a former lead FBI counter-terror investigator, described the Bureau’s counter-terror section as being “gutted” with practically all experienced personnel being moved to other assignments or forced out.

Question: How has this happened?  

Answer: From a very dangerous policy of appointing Islamic “experts” and community leaders to advisory positions.  

As noted in our Apr 22 Boston Bombing report,   Islamic special interest groups have gained considerable influence in determining how U.S. agencies handle matters involving Muslims.  As a result, training  and operational policies have been modified to be culturally sensitive and politically correct.  In many cases this outright appeasement has taken priority over common sense and investigative logic.

The most disturbing aspect is that many of the Islamic groups and/or their representatives have been linked to terrorist organizations.  CAIR. maintained considerable influence over FBI investigations involving Muslims.  Ties were reported to be “severed” in 2008/2009 when it became embarrassingly clear that being in bed with a group tied to Hamas was probably not in their best interests.  

Despite this official claim, it appears that some local field offices have maintained ties.  The impact CAIR made on agency operations is still felt.

The attempts by Islamic groups to influence policies and investigations are not limited to just the federal level.  State and local police agencies have found themselves targeted in campaigns to make them more culturally aware to the sensitivities of Muslims in their respective communities.

Example – FLORIDA: In 2012, CAIR Florida attempted to have the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE)  block training provided by CTOC to agencies throughout the state, citing that it was teaching anti-Muslim bigotry“.  In reality, the CTOC seminars were providing police officers and investigators practical tools and intelligence to help recognize and deal with Islamic jihadist threats at the street level.  In a prudent move,  FDLE rejected CAIR’s position.

The situation in other states is not as clear.  CAIR, and affiliated Islamic groups, continue to work on agendas that would place them in advisory roles to influence law enforcement agencies.  To accomplish this, they push for the removal of all Muslim related training, except for the programs they endorse.  This year, CAIR-MN put substantial pressure on local agencies to drop training they found offensive.  Last year, CAIR-LA provided a law enforcement training conference that implied endorsement by Homeland Security.

There is substantial evidence and documentation linking CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood affiliated groups to terror organizations.  It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that their efforts to influence law enforcement agency polices and procedures simply clouds investigative effectiveness and presents an unacceptable operational security threat.

News you may have missed #832 (foiled Canada terror plot)

C.J. Note: Timing and how this was plot was “foiled” is concerning. It will be interesting to see if this leads to any unique programs established by the Canadian government to favor the Muslim community.

Toronto, CanadaBy IAN ALLEN | |
►►Two arrested in Canada terror plot. Chiheb Esseghaier, 30, and Raed Jaser, 35, who live in Montreal and Toronto, were planning to derail a Via Rail passenger train in Toronto  with support from “al-Qaeda elements located in Iran”, Canadian police said Monday. “This is the first known al-Qaeda planned attack that we’ve experienced in Canada”, Superintendent Doug Best told a news conference. Police said the men did not receive financial support from al-Qaeda, but declined to provide more details. There was no apparent reason to think the planned attacks were state-sponsored.
►►Canada foils ‘al-Qaeda inspired’ terror attack on train. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said the surveillance operation leading to the arrests of the two suspects was “a result of extensive collaborative efforts”. Chief Spt Jennifer Strachan said the two men had sought to target “a specific route, but not…

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Boston Bombing: cue smoke and mirrors

The wild card issue: it is likely the two brothers were not supposed to survive long after the bombings.

We are a week from when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon.  The Tsarnaev brothers have been identified as those placing the bombs.  Both have been confirmed as Muslims and  the bombing  was done in the the name of Islam.   Beyond this, hard facts seem to be lacking while investigators wait to interview surviving brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


The wild card issue: it is likely the two brothers were not supposed to survive long after the bombings.  What supports this is the report of at least one suicide vest,  the lack of any planned escape and no attempt to conceal their identities when planting the bombs.   Dzhokhar could provide a goldmine of information in regards to jihadist operatives in the Boston area and if he does,  the death penalty could be pulled as part of a plea agreement.  Security concerns are not only based on possible revenge attempts, but also to address those that do not want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to talk.


Most of the media is still getting lost in the swamp of trying to place the bombing as part of a foreign directed operation.  An attempt to focus on foreign causes apparently presents a comfort zone in avoiding why the two bombers set out to kill Americans.

In an absolutely amazing display of callousness towards those killed, Geraldo Rivera  used twitter to send his regrets to his “Muslim brothers/sisters” for aggravation the Boston bombing will cause them. Rivera had previously opined the attacks were by homegrown anarchists and “thankfully” the bombs were not that powerful.  Note: Rivera was absent from his Fox News show after making the “regret” tweet.

CNN has run an opinion piece of how Muslims should not be scapegoats.

Reuters took a truely bizarre turn by reporting how the bombers did not have licenses to carry the guns they used in shootings after the bombings.

Expect the media apologists to hit the talking head shows attempting to deflect any connection of the bombings to U.S. based Islamic groups.


The “Islamaphobe” label will be used with ever increasing frequency and the stage will be set to establish a safe distance between the Tsarnaev brothers and how they interacted with local mosque and Muslim community.  Expect statements praising how well the Muslim community works with law enforcement in identifying suspicious individuals despite past CAIR programs to the contrary  not to mention how the NYPD is viewed.    The NYPD has foiled a number of attempted attacks since September 11, 2001.  It would be extremely naive to not suspect material and/or logistical support for this attack from certain members of the Muslim community as seen in past Islamic terrorist attacks.

As in past Islamic terrorist attacks,  Islamic special interest groups (i.e. CAIR, MPAC, etc.) will now make the strategic move to deflect away from the obvious fact that the bombings were done in the name of Islam to how the incident will make Muslims victims – less and less concern will be shown for those actually killed and maimed in the attack.

CAIR,  MPAC  and their associated local operations have proven to be experts in PR manipulations and playing political correctness to their advantage.  The victimhood trump card worked well for them following the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Muslim activists earned influential positions on advisory boards at Justice and other government agencies promoting  “sensitivity” based initiatives that gutted many anti-terror programs.

Don’t expect any firm conclusions/findings in regards to the bombings for at least several months.  In the meantime, there is a good chance a majority of the American public will lose interest while Islamists diligently work to increase their influence –  under the guise of “better understanding” to prevent future incidents.   This is a playbook seen before.  

Massachusetts Governor appears to have some explaining to do

C.J. NOTE: Gov. Patrick is not the only one. Gov. Christie, please take note. Politics and bedfellows applies.

Videos: Experts interviewed on the Boston Marathon Terror Attack

C.J. Note:  Excellent compilation of reports. Steve Emerson, Frank Gaffney and others have been sounding the alarm regarding Jihad organizations and activity in the U.S.. Erick Stakelbeck interview points towards the Islamic Society of Boston without “naming names”.  The beginning of the Dr. Jasser segment actually hits the nail on the head.

Problem is that their message is something much of the American populace/media does not want to hear.

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