Muslim Students Assoc, Univ. of Maine follow-up

The Islamic Center features Islam and terrorism – Bangor Maine post (March 22, 2013) resulted in an interesting email from someone stating to be the current president of the Muslim Student Association at the University of Maine:

Sent: 03/31/13 04:41 PM

Name: Nabeel Hashmi
Email: *******
Comment: Hi, my name is Nabeel Hashmi. I am the current president of the Muslim Student Association at the University of Maine. I am a life-long resident of Maine, a part-time fire-fighter, and a full-time student. Although I completely respect your opinion and would in fact, encourage you to represent your opinions, I would like to point out a factual error in your recent article. I completely understand your frustrations, but I would like to point out that our organization is a small one which is not associated with the Muslim Brotherhood at all. We were self-created, local, and were created under the student government. In fact, we constantly work with the “Christian Crusaders” on campus. Again, I would be happy to agree to disagree, but we are not tied to the Muslim Brotherhood. Please let me know if you would be willing to make the correction.


Our reply:

Sent: 03/31/13 10:46 PM

Dear Nabeel,

Thank you for writing.

Our post of “Islamic Center features Islam and terrorism – Bangor Maine (March 22, 2013)” makes no mention that the Muslim Student Association at the University of Maine is associated with the Muslim Brotherhood. What exactly is the information you are requesting be reviewed for possible correction?

Your assertion that the UMaineMSA is a small local group is quite disingenuous.  There are approximately 600 chapters of the Muslim Students Association (MSA) in North America.  Of those, 150 are directly affiliated with MSA National.  Your organization’s website ( acknowledges that it is part of the national MSA and the national MSA website lists ( your organization as an affiliated chapter.

As for MSA National, it has a well documented history of involvement with the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood (MB).




Still waiting for a reply back with clarification regarding what he wanted corrected.  Apparently similar emails were sent out to other websites/blogs.

It should be noted that the University of Maine  and the Orono area have a history of Muslim Brotherhood activity dating back to at least the 1990s. Then Muslim Brotherhood leader,  Dr. Ahmed Elkadi , dispatched Khalil I. Jassemm to the University as a visiting professor, sponsored by Elkadi’s Institute of Islamic Medicine for Education and Research Panama City, FL.  Jassemm is better known as the founder (1992) and former President/Chief Executive Officer of Life for Relief & Development, and author of several Muslim charity books.


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4 responses to “Muslim Students Assoc, Univ. of Maine follow-up”

  1. Nabeel says :

    Nabeel again. I appreciate your reply and I apologize for my late reply but for some reason I didn’t get a reply at my email address. Of course, my spam folder may have picked it up and thrown it in the bin for me. Also, I do mind that you have used my personal email and opened it up to anyone, but I don’t mind the spirit of the transparency.

    For some reason, it appeared that the title of your article had read “Muslim Brotherhood spokesman” or something to that effect but it doesn’t anymore, so thank you, I guess?

    It should be noted that our website may need editing and it does not reflect that in actuality, our organization has no affiliation with MSA National. As soon as I figure out how to edit the site, I will. In fact, if you thought about it, there are more than one University of Maines in Maine, each with one or more Muslim organizations on campus. So if MSA National lists the University of Maine, this could be the one in Augusta, or Portland, etc. So, please have the proper information or no one will take you seriously.

    It’s great that you are exercising your rights and I fully respect that. More power to you. I myself am an American citizen, born right here, working firefighter, and working through college. This more or less sums up the other members of this organization. We are a service-oriented organization, meaning that our primary activities revolve around canned food drives for the WHOLE community and cooking for the homeless shelter. But_ I digress. Anyways, this is my last message, because any more time I waste here is just that, wasted time. You wouldn’t get a clear picture until you came up here and saw for yourselves. I INVITE you to meet with me and the rest of our organization to catch a bite. Anyone can say anything on the internet, but it takes character and a sound mind to get up and actually do something. I challenge you to do just that 🙂

    PS, I know it’s a little late, but hope you had a Happy Easter!

  2. culturaljihad says :

    ED Note: Title of post was not changed and no personal email addresses were posted.

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