Boston bombing – few details

Way too early to make any conclusions on this one … only sure bet is realizing that there are people who simply want to kill us – there is no negotiating.

It has been about 24 hours since the bombing attacks in Boston and the public really does not know much more than the fact that two bombs went off.  No obvious suspects or motive.  Here’s what to expect in the next few days:

The Media

The news cycle continues, and the news outlets are desperate for details that simply are not available. Having a viewer-ship that has become accustomed to instant information – which is not available – is not good for ratings.  Fancy graphics with dramatic music has limited impact.

Viewers are being subject to ad nauseum replays of one of several videos of the explosions, along with much speculation by so-called “expert” news contributers/analysts.  These talking heads are, for the most part, “out-of-the-loop” at this stage of the investigation despite claims of having inside sources.  Many are playing the media “crapshoot”, hoping for a big win to garner future appearances (i.e. work).

In the effort to report breaking news, misinformation will be frequent and reports “walked back”

For additional filler, human interest stories are being plastered on all the networks in an effort to tug at viewers hearts and provide a distraction from the void of reportable facts.  “Heart-wrenching” will be heard frequently.

The Politicians

It’s too early to use this attack for political gain so they are pretty much limited to providing sound bites containing empty phrases about how wonderful the first responders are, highlighting the heroes of the moment and how the American people are resilient.  Rest assured, they are biting at the bit to get face time and political traction from this event.  Nature of the beast.

The Investigation

Following the terrorist attacks of September 2001, the need for multi-agency cooperation at all levels was identified and addressed.  Regional Joint Terrorism Task Forces (JTTF) were expanded with fusion centers that bring representatives from local, state and federal agencies into efficient working relationships that expedite efforts and minimize some of the turf wars.  With this incident being so high-profile, the pressure for answers and results is immense.  That being said, any release or controlled leak of information will be limited and carefully scrutinize before reaching the intended audience. 

At this point, expect news conferences to be limited to mostly “mutual admiration” statements by officials regarding how well everyone is working together.  This will only change when a major/solid lead is developed.  Short of a firm human source developed lead, much of the investigative emphasis will be on physical evidence.  Processing exploded bomb evidence is a meticulous process and heavily time consuming.    

It should be noted that the investigative focus is a high priority, but most high-ranking officials/supervisory agents reached that level with some political influence.  This case will impact careers and it’s management will be handled accordingly.  An effective terrorism investigation involves stepping on toes.  One can only hope that the past bending to political correctness does not hamper this investigation and any hand slapping is saved for after answers and most of the facts are collected.


Conclusion:  Way too early to make any conclusions on this one. Odds favor some tie to radical Islam, but that is just that – playing the odds. The only sure bet is realizing that there are evil people who simply want to kill us – there is no negotiating.


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