Boston bombers – media just doesn’t get it

the 800 pound gorilla in the room … young American Muslims are being “radicalized” through Muslim student and youth groups in America.

The information is still coming in.  Most of the facts regarding the movements of the two Boston Marathon bombers leading up to the attack is weeks, if not months away.  The media seems to be at a lost in trying to explain how the Tsarnaev brothers could become radicalized and their motivation.  

The disconnect is the mistaken attempt by reporters and news contributors to link the bombing directly with political turmoil between Russia and Chechnya.  

The term “Islam” is rarely being used, but “radicalization” seems to be making the rounds on the various networks.  The neat labels of “domestic” and “foreign” are trying to be applied.  Looking for an elusive “international cell” seems to be a media focus  – and  there lies the problem with the reporting.

Much of the Western mindset has a conceptual problem with three main factors of the Islamic Jihad:

  • Islam/Muslim is not a racial classification.  Muslims come in all races, shapes and sizes.  To associate a Muslim as Middle Eastern is a mistake.  
  • The Islamic Jihad is global in scale and not based on sovereign borders.  The only allegiance is to Allah and Islam.
  •  The goal is to destroy the basic foundations of Western civilization and replace it with a Sharia based system.   It is about fighting anything that does not follow the tenets, ideology, etc of Islam.  There is no negotiation or compromise with this goal.

As this story develops, the inability of the media to grasp and understand the above is repeatedly demonstrated.  Throw in the concern of being politically correct, brings us to the 800 pound gorilla in the room … young American Muslims are being “radicalized” through Muslim student and youth groups in America.  

What a shocker.

The media needs to step outside the box and throw out the domestic and foreign labels.   These groups are financially backed on a global level.  Support and guidance provided by domestic groups such as ICNA and ISNA.   The five American students arrested in Pakistan were most likely recruited through youth programs in Alexandria, VA.  ICNA has an established history of radical indoctrination programs.

One cannot understand the rational of Islamic terrorist acts without acknowledging the true jihadist mindset.  Political correctness does not mix well with reality.


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