Boston Bombing: cue smoke and mirrors

The wild card issue: it is likely the two brothers were not supposed to survive long after the bombings.

We are a week from when two bombs exploded during the Boston Marathon.  The Tsarnaev brothers have been identified as those placing the bombs.  Both have been confirmed as Muslims and  the bombing  was done in the the name of Islam.   Beyond this, hard facts seem to be lacking while investigators wait to interview surviving brother Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.


The wild card issue: it is likely the two brothers were not supposed to survive long after the bombings.  What supports this is the report of at least one suicide vest,  the lack of any planned escape and no attempt to conceal their identities when planting the bombs.   Dzhokhar could provide a goldmine of information in regards to jihadist operatives in the Boston area and if he does,  the death penalty could be pulled as part of a plea agreement.  Security concerns are not only based on possible revenge attempts, but also to address those that do not want Dzhokhar Tsarnaev to talk.


Most of the media is still getting lost in the swamp of trying to place the bombing as part of a foreign directed operation.  An attempt to focus on foreign causes apparently presents a comfort zone in avoiding why the two bombers set out to kill Americans.

In an absolutely amazing display of callousness towards those killed, Geraldo Rivera  used twitter to send his regrets to his “Muslim brothers/sisters” for aggravation the Boston bombing will cause them. Rivera had previously opined the attacks were by homegrown anarchists and “thankfully” the bombs were not that powerful.  Note: Rivera was absent from his Fox News show after making the “regret” tweet.

CNN has run an opinion piece of how Muslims should not be scapegoats.

Reuters took a truely bizarre turn by reporting how the bombers did not have licenses to carry the guns they used in shootings after the bombings.

Expect the media apologists to hit the talking head shows attempting to deflect any connection of the bombings to U.S. based Islamic groups.


The “Islamaphobe” label will be used with ever increasing frequency and the stage will be set to establish a safe distance between the Tsarnaev brothers and how they interacted with local mosque and Muslim community.  Expect statements praising how well the Muslim community works with law enforcement in identifying suspicious individuals despite past CAIR programs to the contrary  not to mention how the NYPD is viewed.    The NYPD has foiled a number of attempted attacks since September 11, 2001.  It would be extremely naive to not suspect material and/or logistical support for this attack from certain members of the Muslim community as seen in past Islamic terrorist attacks.

As in past Islamic terrorist attacks,  Islamic special interest groups (i.e. CAIR, MPAC, etc.) will now make the strategic move to deflect away from the obvious fact that the bombings were done in the name of Islam to how the incident will make Muslims victims – less and less concern will be shown for those actually killed and maimed in the attack.

CAIR,  MPAC  and their associated local operations have proven to be experts in PR manipulations and playing political correctness to their advantage.  The victimhood trump card worked well for them following the attacks of September 11th, 2001.  Muslim activists earned influential positions on advisory boards at Justice and other government agencies promoting  “sensitivity” based initiatives that gutted many anti-terror programs.

Don’t expect any firm conclusions/findings in regards to the bombings for at least several months.  In the meantime, there is a good chance a majority of the American public will lose interest while Islamists diligently work to increase their influence –  under the guise of “better understanding” to prevent future incidents.   This is a playbook seen before.  


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