Follow-up: Alabama terrorist pleads guilty – connecting the dots on the Gulf Coast

“Certainly, the last week hasn’t made it any easier …”
– Defense attorney Dom Soto referring to the Boston Marathon bombing

Alabama man pleads guilty to plotting terrorism abroad, faces up to 15 years

By Brendan Kirby, April 19, 2013

MOBILE, Alabama – – Amid tight security at the federal courthouse, an Alabama man pleaded guilty today to plotting terrorism overseas.

Randy “Rasheed” Wilson … pleads guilty to terrorism charge.

Randy “Rasheed” Wilson, who grew up in Mobile and Birmingham, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists. Under his plea bargain, prosecutors have agreed to seek a 15-year prison sentence, while the defense is free to argue for less.

Defense attorney Dom Soto said his client wanted to take responsibility for inflammatory statements he made over the course of hundreds of hours of secretly recorded conversations and avoid risking what could have been a 35-year sentence.

“He just doesn’t have confidence that the legal defense would be able to overcome all of the emotions wrapped around this right now. Certainly, the last week hasn’t made it any easier,” he said, referring to the Boston Marathon bombing. “It was his decision to plea. I still maintain this is a free speech case. I have much more confidence in the jury system than he does.”

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See our March 27, 2012 post, Accused Alabama terrorist – connecting the dots on the Gulf Coast for additional coverage of this case.


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