Boston Has Jihadi Terror History, report says

Jihadist activity has taken place in Massachusetts since at least 1993 and includes in-state fundraising for terrorism

Boston Harbors

Jihadists use Beantown for base, report says

From Washington Free Beacon
By Adam Kredo, April 30, 2013

Muslim extremists with ties to al Qaeda have been using Massachusetts and the city of Boston as a jihadi headquarters since at least 1993, according to a recent report by a top terrorism analyst.

At least 26 residents were found to have ties to al Qaeda, according to the report by the Henry Jackson Society. The activity dates from before the Tsarnaev brothers, radical Muslim immigrants to the United States, were identified as the suspects in the Boston Marathon bombing.

Jihadist activity has taken place in Massachusetts since at least 1993 and includes in-state fundraising for terrorism, “those convicted of planning jihad, and even those who have been killed while fighting abroad,” according to the report by terrorism analyst Robin Simcox.

“The city [of Boston] and state of Massachusetts has a long history of ties to AQ [al Qaeda] and AQ-inspired militancy,” the report states.

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COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  Boston is only one of several financial centers/base of operations established in east-coast areas  by the Muslim Brotherhood.   Others were in Northern Virginia and the Tampa area of Florida.  The main organizational structure came primarily from planning conducted in the 1980s by a core group working for Ahmed Elkadi.

The media needs to move it’s focus more towards domestic ties to the Boston bombing and those involved.  As offensive and unbelievable it may be to western sensibilities, groups with an agenda to destroy our current society are well entrenched in the United States.


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    Be sure to go to the link on Ahmed Elkadi for background on the development of Muslim Brotherhood influenced mosques in America.

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