Islamist Threats – Attacking the Messenger

Louie Gohmert

As Islamic apologists get busy circling the wagons in the wake of the Boston Bombing, the media bullies pull out the stops in attacking individuals that dare sound the alarm.

The current target of the week appears to be Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX).

No stranger to controversy, Rep. Gohmert’s strong conservative views tend to irk much of the left-wing media.  While the “mis-speaks” of President Obama or vice-President Biden barely result in a blip on the radar of mainstream media, Rep. Gohmert can pretty much be guaranteed a full frontal assault on any comment considered politically incorrect to the liberal masses.

In June 2012, Rep. Gohmert, along with Congress members Michele Bachmann, Trent Franks, Tom Rooney, Lynn Westmoreland called for an investigation into the influence the Muslim Brotherhood had in our government.  As uncomfortable as it sounds, the best term for the allegation is “infiltration”.   Much of the media responded not by investigating the allegations, but  by discrediting the Congress members through ridicule

Several months later,  former AUSA Andrew McCarthy provided considerable credence to the claims made.  Additional confirmation can be found in an April 2013 report by the Gatestone Institute

With regards to the Boston bombing, Rep. Gohmert believes the Islamic influence has impacted the FBI investigation – a well substantiated view  shared by others.  It would appear that the left-leaning media finds this most troubling as it does not speak well for the agenda towards political correctness.  Not wanting to deal in documented facts, once again the media  apologists rely on personal attacks to discredit.

Hopefully the Benghazi incident will remain in the news cycle.  As  the details are slowly released regarding how the Obama administration reacted, the public may learn how certain Islamic advisors influenced the decisions that resulted in American deaths.  Fox news apparently has additional information and the media spin control appears to be on the increase.

Keep track of the players.  Rep. Gohmert’s 2012 allegations involved the same people/office that handled Benghazi.  Anyone care to go out on a limb?


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