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Alabama mosque facing opposition alma mater of 3 indicted terrorists incl FBI’s Most Wanted

COMMENT: The gulf coast states are home to a number of mosques linked to radical activity.

We covered a related story at:
Accused Alabama terrorist – connecting the dots on the Gulf Coast


Muslim Brotherhood: goals through “mischief making”

 “By participating in a non-Islamic system, one cannot rule by that which Allah has commanded. But things do not change overnight. Changes come through patience, wisdom and hard work. I believe that as Muslims we should participate in the system to safeguard our interests and try to bring gradual change for the right cause, the cause of truth and justice. We must not forget that Allah’s rules have to be established in all lands, and all our efforts should lead to that direction.”  –  Dr Muzammil Siddiqi, former president of the Islamic Society of North America

Britain’s Standpoint Magazine features an article by John Ware addressing the   increasing expansion and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.  While the Islamist organization’s  goals may seem clear,  the players/tactics/methodology can be rather fuzzy. 

Time to Wise Up to the Muslim Brotherhood

By John Ware, July/August 2013

Arab Spring sprung: Supporters of Mohamed Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt chant slogans during a rally in Cairo

In June, the House of Commons hosted a talk on the Muslim Brotherhood movement, and how it is spreading across the globe. Steven Merley, a former financial trader turned investigator of extremist movements, has probed the Brotherhood for over a decade. It is particularly active in Britain and according to Merley, its strategy is to “create mischief” with a heavy emphasis on Muslim victimhood including the charge that the West has been waging a war on Islam. This has been a powerful radicalising factor in young Muslims. 

The Brotherhood’s tactic to advance this strategy, says Merley, has been to establish a dizzying number of organisations and initiatives which create the impression of broad-based support. In reality, the sponsors are the same individuals and groups whose leaders have not changed over decades. 

Just as the US Justice Department and FBI take Merley’s work seriously, we should too. He is no ideologue and is as troubled by right-wing groups demonising ordinary Muslims today as he is by the Brotherhood itself. 

By “ordinary” Muslims he means the vast majority who see Islam as a religious belief, rather than the political ideology usually known as “Islamism”. The latter is a variant of Islam developed over 80 years ago in Egypt by the Muslim Brotherhood’s founder, a teacher called Hassan al-Banna.

Disturbed by what he perceived as the corrupting influence of Western secularism on Muslims, al-Banna believed that only a return to what he saw as the original and pure form of Islam would restore the Muslim world to former glory.

Accordingly the Brotherhood adopted the slogan “The Koran is our constitution” around which all of society should be organised. To al-Banna there was no difference between religion and politics because religion was politics. 

Over the decades, from this Islamist ideological trunk have sprung more radical offshoots, including al-Qaeda. For it was al-Banna who inspired the jihadist belief in elevating death over life,  which arouses such incomprehension in the rest of us.

Today the original “Society of Muslim Brothers”, as al-Banna called his group, has morphed into a broader movement which the Brotherhood’s former “Supreme Guide” Mohamed Akef says now spans more than 70 countries. Some say that following the collapse of fascism and Communism it is fast becoming the latest — and potentially most dangerous —of history’s grand political ideas. The former head of the MI6, Sir Richard Dearlove, for example, has described the Muslim Brotherhood as being “at heart, a terrorist organisation”.  (more … )

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COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  The victimization issue has been effective through spreading the accusation that the west is waging war on Islam. The result  – two main social tools that can be manipulated as needed:

1. Concerns by elected officials of possible political incorrectness in dealing with an oppressed  “minority” group.  To appease the group, politicians provide concessions and favoritism to Islamic leaders in the community (i.e. Muslim Brotherhood).

2. Fueling radicalization of young Muslims.  Western leaders are basically extorted to provide concessions to Islamic leaders (i.e. Muslim Brotherhood)  in order to keep “radicals” relatively under control.

Mr. Merley summed up how the Muslim Brotherhood operates:

“Basically, they play games with the facts, And they count on the naiveté of reporters, academics and politicians to push their agenda.” 

Strange Bedfellows – White House and Muslim Brotherhood

“Two and a half years ago, who would ever have thought that the United States would enter an alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood? There were hints in President Barack Obama’s Cairo speech, yet now it is clear that this is the new basis for regional security sought by the Obama Administration.”
– Barry Rubin, The Rubin Report

The recent White House meeting between administration officials and Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah highlighted the disturbing trend in U.S. middle east policy.  The following from  The Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch is a “must read” to fully understand the significance:

ANALYSIS: A Black Day For The GMBDW; The Obama Administration Courting Of Youssef Qaradawi

By gmbwatch, June 27, 2013

On September 12 2001, the day we started our efforts to understand and monitor the Global Muslim Brotherhood, we could never in our darkest imagination have possibly considered that the White House of the United States  would be used to host a meeting with a close associate of Global Brotherhood leader Youssef Qaradawi. In those days, we naively thought that exposing the Brotherhood’s profound and enduring ties to terrorism, religious hatred, and anti-Americanism would be sufficient to forever bar its consideration as any kind of partner for those who care about human rights and liberal democracy. Yet, as we posted earlier, we woke up yesterday to discover that Sheikh Abdallah Bin Bayyah, a close associate of Qaradawi, had recently visited the White House, possibly carrying a letter from Qaradawi, where he met with senior White House officials and representatives of other government agencies including an aide to President Obama and US OIC Envoy Rashad Hussain. How exactly had things progressed so far that the White House was meeting with a representative of an organization that once called for attacks on US troops in Iraq and whose leader has spewed forth vile anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism, not to mention sitting together on a board with a Saudi who in turn is close to groups supporting both Hamas and Al Qaeda? Although the meeting at the White House with Sheikh Bin Bayyah was a shock, even to us, in retrospect it should not have been given that everything the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch and its predecessor publication has reported over the years.

While space and time unfortunately do not permit a complete analysis of how these things have come to pass, it is instructive to note that the Obama Administration’s policy toward the Global Muslim Brotherhood has evolved over two distinct, but related tracks. Israeli analyst Barry Rubin has adroitly summarized the foreign policy track, a US alliance with the Muslim Brotherhood which he labels the “Obama Doctrine” …

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COMMENT/ANALYSIS: The last two U.S. administrations have maintained a domestic policy of courting various Islamic special interest groups associated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), based on some idealistic view that inclusion would benefit national security.  We are now seeing how it has most likely led to influencing foreign policy decisions.    

History has repeatedly shown that  coddling one’s enemies simply strengthens and emboldens said enemies.

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