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Britain’s Muslim Mess – a head in the sand policy

Social clashes between mainstream western ideology and Islamists have been festering for some time in the UK as in other European countries. The media and government officials have tended to down-play most incidents, even appearing to be apologetic at times.

The broad daylight hacking death of British solider Lee Rigby on a Woolwich street, shocked much of the world.  Amateur phone video taken immediately after the murder, allowed the public to get an uncensored look at blood covered hands and hear the murderer’s explanation of the attack: revenge for the wrongs he felt had been committed against Muslims.  

Much of the media carried official comments describing a “lone wolf” attack by someone that had been “radicalized.”   An all to frequent line that appears to be an attempt to plant the concept of a single, disturbed individual acting alone – placing distance from any connection to “mainstream” Islam.  At last report, there have been 10 arrests in connection with the Woolwich murder.

British Prime Minister Cameron addressed the Woolwich incident by describing the attack as a “betrayal of Islam”, giving the impression that Muslims were as much the victim as Lee Rigby.  According to the Prime Minister, “There is nothing in Islam that justifies acts of terror.”   He then moved to condemn all extremism, stating the government would not stand for groups like the English Defense League (EDL).

Prime Minister Cameron’s mention of the EDL was most likely an effort to provide a politically correct balance to his speech. A disturbing trend in many western countries, over the top tolerance towards Islam is accompanied with intolerance for individuals and groups that are critical of Islam.

This policy is based on a rather idealistic principle: appeasement will keep the Muslim community relatively content.  In other words a policy of containment – a policy doomed to failure since the Islamic ideology is based on expansion and growth.  Historically, Islamic societies have viewed appeasement as a sign of weakness just short of capitulation.

Several recent examples of said policy were in the news this week.

The UK government banned two US political bloggers, Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer,  from entering Britain to attend an EDL rally.  

There was also the arrest of EDL members Tommy Robinson and Kevin Carrol.  According to an AFP report:

Scotland Yard had warned Tommy Robinson and other EDL members they faced arrest if they went ahead with a planned walk and rally at the barracks in Woolwich, southeast London, where Lee Rigby was hacked to death.

The reported continued:

Police said the EDL’s plans risked causing “serious public disorder” and told the group to hold their rally, timed to mark Armed Forces Day in Britain, near parliament in central London.

The EDL campaigns against what it says is the spread of radical Islam in Britain. But it has been accused of Islamophobia and previous rallies have ended in clashes with anti-fascist groups.

Despite the police warning, Robinson went ahead with a sponsored walk through the capital with EDL co-leader Kevin Carroll, aimed to raise money for a children’s cancer charity.

The movement said both were arrested as they entered Tower Hamlets, an east London borough with a sizeable Muslim community and a large mosque, on their way to Woolwich.

The majority of media outlets showed footage of Robinson and Carroll being led away in handcuffs.  What was omitted in most news accounts was the assault of Carroll in the presence of a number of police officers while he and Robinson were walking down the street.  

Recorded on video, the assaulter appears to have never been taken into custody for a criminal act while Robinson and Carroll are arrested for an act of civil disobedience.

The recorded assault occurs about 30 seconds into the video linked below:

The EDL and it’s members have been involved in questionable activities in the past.  That being said, Islamic special interest groups have proven to be extremely effective in manipulating local authorities to facilitate their goals and conducting smear campaigns against those that oppose them.  

It seems  the below video may pose a much more “serious public disorder” …

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