Britain vs. the Islamists – is the tide changing?

… much depends on Britain discarding political correctness and embracing a mentality of … “enough is enough!

We first ventured into the topic of the Islamist issue in the United Kingdom with the July 2013 article,  “Britain’s Muslim Mess – a head in the sand policy“.  It came at the heels of the Boston Bombing and the brutal murder of British solider, Lee Rigby, on a Woolwich street.  

In April 2014, we highlighted, Nottingham UK: Islam’s Creep and Effect” – a personal account describing the changes seen by a resident  as Islamic influences, spearheaded by Muslim immigrants, take hold of his neighborhood.

It is probably safe to say that most Britons are starting to reach their limit, or exceeded it, as they watch their surroundings morph into a society that places the religious demands of a minority above their own individual rights as citizens.  Much of the blame can be placed on their leaders and politicians – the people responsible for what amounts to open door immigration and looking the other way while Islamists promote subversive activities.

Small child holds and waves al-Qaeda flag in London

These leaders and politicians may be waking up … or at least feeling pressure from the people they represent.

Back in 2001, in a speech concerning operations in Afghanistan, then British Prime Minister Tony Blair stated:

“It angers me, as it angers the vast majority of Muslims, to hear bin Laden and his associates described as Islamic terrorists. They are terrorist pure and simple. Islam is a peaceful and tolerant religion and the acts of these people are wholly contrary to the teachings of the Koran.”

His words mirrored those of many western leaders at the time, including  President G.W. Bush.

By 2013, Mr. Blair’s view’s toward Islam had definitely changed.  While still trying to walk the politically correct line and not condemn the entire religion, he wrote in a column:

“There is a problem within Islam – from the adherents of an ideology which is a strain within Islam,’  … ‘We have to put it on the table and be honest about it. Of course there are Christian extremists and Jewish, Buddhist and Hindu ones. But I am afraid this strain is not the province of a few extremists. It has at its heart a view about religion and about the interaction between religion and politics that is not compatible with pluralistic, liberal, open-minded societies.”

On April 23, 2014, Mr. Blair delivered a speech at Bloomberg.   It focused on Islamic extremism in the Middle East, but included the following:

“The Muslim population in Europe is now over 40m and growing. The Muslim Brotherhood and other organisations are increasingly active and they operate without much investigation or constraint. Recent controversy over schools in Birmingham (and similar allegations in France) show heightened levels of concern about Islamist penetration of our own societies.”

This statement is significant, especially the reference to Birmingham – also known as the Trojan Horse investigation – a stark contrast from earlier comments.    Ever the politician and most likely fearing being labelled an islamaphobe, Blair tempered himself with:

“At this point it must again be emphasised: it is not Islam itself that gives rise to this ideology. It is an interpretation of Islam, actually a perversion of it which many Muslims abhor. There used to be such interpretations of Christianity which took us years to eradicate from our mainstream politics.”

Oh well, he was on a roll …

Still, Britain’s political leaders may actually be heading in a direction to reclaim their country.

  • In February 2011, during a security conference in Munich,  PM David Cameron condemned the long-standing policy of multiculturalism as a failure. Stating it was partly to blame for promoting Islamist extremism.  The Muslim Council of Britain (MCB) criticized the speech, calling it as “disappointing”.   The MCB has been identified as tied to the Muslim Brotherhood.  
  • In March 2014, PM David Cameron  ordered an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood and it’s links to violent extremism. 
  • On April 24th Sharia Watch UK was launched at the House of Lords to highlight the impact of Islamism in Britain.

Is this momentum enough to counter the threat posed by the Islamists’ agenda? Difficult to say and much depends on Britain discarding political correctness and embracing a mentality of … “enough is enough!”.


SIDE NOTE:  On Feb 28, 2013 the Oxford Union held the Islam Peace Debate

The results ….

Yes’s: 286
No’s: 168

The 6 presentations are available on YouTube






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