Terrorist Tots: Hamas’ Child Programming

… spreading of  hate through brainwashing  impressionable
children.  Interesting tactics for the followers of a
self-described, religion of peace.

A vast majority of Muslims find no fault, or simply are indifferent, when Islamic leaders make speeches defending Hamas and other terrorist groups.   Past terrorist funding cases (i.e. Holy Land Foundation, Sami Al-Arian, Mousa Abu Marzook, etc.)  have shown that a significant amount of financial support has been made to such groups funneled from U.S. front organizations.

The funding supports common terrorist activities such as bombing and weapons acquisitions.   The support also goes to propaganda activities, which includes targeting extremely young minds through children’s television programming.

Palestine Media Watch (PMW) has reported about one program called Tomorrow’s Pioneers, produced by Hamas’ Al-Aqsa TV.  A May 2, 2014 PMW article featured a  broadcast that included this segment :

The young Hamas TV host Rawan talks to a young girl in the studio named Tulin, who tells her she wants to be a police officer when she grows up. The child host directs her to the conclusion that as a police officer she would shoot “all the Jews.”

Child host (Rawan): “Tulin, why do you want to be a police officer? Like who?”
Girl (Tulin): “Like my uncle.” …
Child host: “OK, so what does a policeman do?”
Nahul (adult in giant bee costume): “He catches thieves, and people who make trouble.”
Child host: “And shoots Jews. Right?”
Girl: “Yes.”
Child host: “You want to be like him?”
[Girl nods]
Child host: “Allah willing, when you grow up.”
Girl: “So that I can shoot Jews.”
[Nahul the bee claps his hands]
Child host: “All the Jews? All of them?”
Girl: “Yes.”
Child host: “Good.”

The broadcast also included a character named Nahul, an adult in a giant bee costume, who instructed children to, “… do like this with your hands [makes fists], and when they come to you, punch them; make their face red like a tomato.”

This type of programming has been going on for several years.  In 2009, Palestine Media Watch reported on similar children’s programming that used puppets to spread the message to kill Jews.  In 2007, MEMRITV.ORG reported about Hamas using a character resembling Mickey Mouse to spread the word of Islamic superiority/world domination,  and to annihilate the Jews.

COMMENTS/ANALYSIS: As reported in the Global Muslim Brotherhood Daily Watch (GMBDW),  HAMAS’s charter states that it “one of the wings of the Muslim Brothers in Palestine”.  As shown in a 2009 NEFA Foundation report regarding the Union of Good, the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), and it’s associated front groups have provided a steady stream of funds for Hamas operations.   Operations that include  the spreading of  hate through brainwashing  impressionable children. Interesting tactics for the followers of a self-described, religion of peace.

It should be noted that there are some media reports indicating  Tomorrow’s Pioneers is no longer being broadcast by Al-Aqsa TV, having been taken out of production in 2009.  MEMRITV.ORG reports of shows being broadcast up to November 29, 2013


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