UKs Great Halal Food Scare – please pass the salt

Is kosher salt next?  There are many important matters
to follow and worry about with Islamist movements.
This is probably not one of them.

Last week 185 Subway restaurants in the the United Kingdom and Ireland removed all pork ingredients (ham and bacon) from their menus.  These specific restaurants  will only be providing meat prepared according to halal rules.

This week the Telegraph reported that all U.K. Pizza Epxress locations (about 434) will be using ritually-slaughtered halal chicken:

Pizza Express is serving ritually-slaughtered halal chicken in every dish on its menu that uses the meat, it has emerged.

But customers are only told that the chicken they are eating is killed in line with strict Islamic law if they ask staff, as it is not stated on menus.

Under Islamic law, chicken can only be eaten if the bird’s throat has been slit while it is still alive. A Koranic verse is also recited during the ritual.

Some non-Muslims object to halal because they claim the method of slaughter can cause unnecessary suffering.

The firm, which has 434 restaurants across the UK, states on its website: “All our chicken is halal approved but it is important to note that all birds are stunned before being slaughtered.

Is this something that is as terrible as some are reporting … some with deceptive headlines/tweets

Probably not.

With Subway, the 185 U.K. locations represent about 12% of the total outlets.  The Muslim population in the U.K is about 5%.  As in the U.S., Subway franchises are very popular with immigrants.  Throw in that factor and you are most likely looking at tailoring  menus to locations that have a large Muslim clientele. It’s reported that there are approximately 1500 Subway outlets in the U.K and this meat policy does not apply to over 1300 of them.

Pizza Express’s menu includes pepperoni, ham and spiced beef. All things that are not halal prepared.  As a meat inspector noted in the Telegraph article,  just having once source for the chicken saves money.

Is kosher salt next? 

There are many important matters to follow and worry about with Islamist movements.  This is probably not one of them.


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3 responses to “UKs Great Halal Food Scare – please pass the salt”

  1. Money Jihad says :

    One of the problems with this trend is that the halal certifying groups tend to be Muslim Brotherhood affiliates who profit from the fees they charge to food suppliers to obtain certification. The tax and accounting standards among the certification boards also tend to be sloppy at best, and in some cases such as MAC & IRFAN a portion of the halal fees are ultimately sent to Hamas.

    The reason I’d say that this is a very important area for continued research and investigation is the size of the market and money involved (perhaps one or two trillion dollars). The Muslim Brotherhood sees their certification business as, no pun intended, a cash cow.

  2. culturaljihad says :

    Excellent points. As you indicated, many MB operations are simply part of a criminal syndicate. The problem is that much of the reporting focuses on “take over” fears with worries about sharia being imposed.

    • Money Jihad says :

      One thing that would help in any case is greater transparency in the business. Label everything properly and give consumers the choice about what they want to buy. Poultry producers and other food manufactures should be more forthright to their buyers, wholesalers, and grocery chains about whether their meat was halal slaughtered.

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