U.K.’s “Trojan Horse” Media Misdirection

Instead of ministers rowing, we need leadership on how we confront the very serious and worrying reports about Birmingham schools.
– Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt

Michael Gove accused of using ‘Trojan Horse’ row to push anti-Islam agenda

From: The Independent
By: Richard Garner and Oliver Wright, June 4, 2014

Michael Gove has been accused of cynically using the “Trojan Horse” schools row to push an ideological anti-Islamic agenda within the Government.

Whitehall sources revealed that behind the scenes the Education Secretary has been pressing David Cameron for months to widen the Government’s definition of Muslim “extremism”.

And they suggested that he has used allegations of a plot to “take over” a number of schools in Birmingham to press the Prime Minister to agree tough new measures to secularise schools in Muslim areas.

One said: “Michael Gove’s views are so incredibly black and white. It’s either his way or no way. He seems to think that anybody who strictly follows Islam is not really integrated.

“And he thinks anybody who holds conservative Muslim views is a bit of an extremist. He has been using Birmingham to pursue an ideological agenda that he’s had for many years.”

Full Article: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/michael-gove-accused-of-using-trojan-horse-row-to-push-antiislam-agenda-9488549.html


COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  This type of infighting simply deflects from details uncovered by the Trojan Horse investigations involving Islamic extremism in British schools.  Shadow education secretary Tristram Hunt probably said it best:

Instead of ministers rowing, we need leadership on how we confront the very serious and worrying reports about Birmingham schools.

The media has taken the bait and is now running with it.  The Huffington Post, frequently an Islamist apologist, has used this report to bolster it’s position that …

In all, 21 schools have been inspected after a letter, which is widely believed to be a hoax, referred to an alleged plot by hardline Muslims to seize control of governing boards in the city.

Huffington further states that three schools inspected over the alleged “Trojan Horse” plot  had been given a clean bill of health by Ofsted.   The article fails to mention that  at least six schools were  expected to be rated as “inadequate” and placed in special measures.  As for claiming a hoax, it should be noted that a school head apparently warned of signs of extremism four years ago.  A former Birmingham teacher stated an Islamic takeover of schools started over 20 years ago.

There’s a good chance that Muslim Brotherhood (MB) tied special interest groups are fueling the fire of the infighting coverage.  A June 3, 2013 letter published in the Guardian  that called on the rejection “Trojan Horse” reports included these signatories:

Salma Yaqoob – a U.K. activist whose bid for political office was backed by the Muslim Association of Britain, a U.K. Muslim Brotherhood Group

Arzu Merali – Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).  IHRC is reported to be a strong supporter of  Hezbollah and frequently associates itself with activities of the Muslim Association of Britain.

Massoud Shadjareh – Islamic Human Rights Commission (IHRC).

Farooq Murad -Muslim Council of Britain – a U.K. umbrella group that has been dominated by the Jaamat-I-Islami and usually acts in concert with the Global Muslim Brotherhood.

Discrediting critics with claims of ideological motives (i.e. islamaphobia) has proven to be an effective MB tactic. Most of western society, especially politicians, fear any politically incorrect “phobe”  label.

To quote investigative researcher Stephen Merley from a 2013 Standpoint article  regarding the Muslim Brotherhood:

“Basically, they play games with the facts, And they count on the naiveté of reporters, academics and politicians to push their agenda.”




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One response to “U.K.’s “Trojan Horse” Media Misdirection”

  1. pippakin says :

    Reblogged this on Political Pip Spit or Swallow its up to You and commented:
    I agree that any school that makes girls sit at the back or the sides during assemblies, that refuses to teach any religion but Islam and insists the school curriculum teach only what Islam approves is fundamentalist and therefore is a danger to the safety and equality of young girls.

    Its not about Islam its about making sure all students girls and boys grow in the culture of the country and have the same rights and opportunities as every child outside the sphere of Islamic fundamentalism.

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