Islamic State attracts Dutch Jihadis

According to the Dutch intelligence service, hundreds of Dutch nationals are considering missions abroad, and thousands more are sympathetic to the cause.

Dutch grapple with jihadist threat

From: BBC News, The Hague
By Anna Holligan, August 21, 2014

Across Europe, governments are trying to prevent the radicalisation of young people attracted by the growing influence of Islamic State militants. More than 100 Dutch citizens are thought to be fighting for various groups in Syria and Iraq, and hundreds more have been identified as potential jihadists.

Muslims in Schilderswijk, Netherlands

Dutch counter-terrorism officials are talking of a “rebirth of jihadism in the Netherlands”.

In the Schilderswijk district of The Hague last month, a group of some 20 men were captured on video waving the black flag of jihadist groups and voicing support for the militant group Islamic State (IS) that has seized broad swathes of northern Syria and Iraq.

In the footage posted on the internet, the demonstrators can be heard chanting slogans such as “Down with America” and “Death to the Jews”

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COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  While the recent murder of journalist James Foley is placing a focus on Britain,  the instances of jihadi fighters coming from European countries is increasing- especially from nations that have maintained liberal immigration policies and pushed cultural diversity.  For example: A 2013 report from the Combating Terrorism Center indicated that there were approximately 30 Swedish nationals fighting in Syria.    As of this month, the estimate is around 80.  Unconfirmed reports indicate at least 400 French recruits.  As we previously mentioned, they will be facing an even more serious threat when the jihadis return “home”.  


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