FOLLOWUP: Muslim pressure over Vermont town bacon ad

Sneakers Bistro and Cafe – Winooski, Vermont

We recently reported on a  story about Sneakers Bistro and Cafe,  a Vermont restaurant that took down an ad for bacon after a Muslim woman complained that it it offended her.  The sign read, “Yield for Sneakers Bacon”.

Now several days later,  the restaurant is feeling quite a backlash.  From USA Today:

A Winooski restaurant’s decision to take down a bacon advertisement has become the center of an online backlash.

“It’s blown up beyond all imagination,” City Manager Katherine “Deac” Decarreau said in an interview Monday.

Last week, Sneakers Bistro and Cafe removed a sign reading “Yield for Sneakers Bacon” from a garden at the Winooski Rotary after a woman who described herself as “a vegan and a member of a Muslim household” called the sign offensive in a post on Front Porch Forum.

“Given the large number of Muslim families in Winooski, as well as many others who do not eat pork for a variety of reasons, it seems unnecessary for this insensitive business sign to be at the city’s main crosswalk,” she wrote. The woman also complained that the sign “clutters an already dangerous crosswalk.”

The volume of negative comments over the decision to remove the sign was apparently significant.   The restaurant’s phone voicemail was full early Monday afternoon and the owner found it necessary to remove their Facebook page.  In response, an individual apparently not affiliated with Sneakers created a  page named, Tell Sneakers Bistro How You Really Feel.

The Burlington Free Press reported:

The restaurant’s reviews on Google and Yelp have also taken a hit, with more than 50 recent one-star reviews referencing the controversy. Some of the Yelp users hail from as far away as California and Hawaii.

In regards to the original complaint about the bacon ad, Decarreau made the statement:

As I read her post, her request came as a vegan, not as a Muslim


** 8/27/2014- FOLLOWUP II


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3 responses to “FOLLOWUP: Muslim pressure over Vermont town bacon ad”

  1. Ron Blower says :

    Look guys, rather than consider ‘us’ xenophobic, Islamophobic or any other negative type of “…ic”, I’ll admit that this is a microcosm, even smaller, of Islam which is NOT being representative here with this woman’s complaint. What IS being represented here is…

    Voluntary Compliance with Islamic Quranic, Hadithic, Muslim Courts (Worldwide) etc. Laws AND how, what could be called, the final step of the Abrogation of US Constitutional Laws in accordance previous listed Muslim Laws & Values can start right here with THIS “Voluntary Compliance”.

    You wouldn’t allow even the teeniest of “compliances” which could, even in the remotest sense, lead to a re-institution of Slavery, the KKK or the Confederation of America.

    I wouldn’t.

    And, I suggest that, in your mind, the “Safety Reasons” cited are the same as in my mind: Muslim sabotage, riots, a BIG Brouhaha. “Over “Nothing””, right? Or, so say the Muslims & their Apologists. But if it should be “Nothing” for me/us; WHY shouldn’t it be “Nothing” for them??

    Why ISN’T it “Nothing for them??”

    I suggest that after 1400 years of Jihad against Jews, Christians, The West and, recently, China; Islamists have learned very well how to subject non-Islamic Cultures, Societies and whole Countries to Islamic Laws.

    At the beginning of Islamic Expansion (about 15-years after their stay in Mecca, which was aborted by the Meccans throwing them out with the threats of death against Muhammad), they went to Medina where a Jewish Tribe ruled; the Jews welcomed them and they professed gratitude and friendship with those Jews

    A year or so later they slaughtered every one of those Jews. It’s not me: its in the Quran and Hadiths, written by Muslims. They still laugh about it, and honor and praise Muhammad for outsmarting the supposedly “Intelligent Jews.”

    You know, there USED to be Egyptians, Sudanese, Tunisians, Libyans, et al, but no more: NOW, for the most part, ALL of these Cultures, Societies and Countries (populated with indigenous people) are gone. Only Arabs remain.

    THEY had a “First Step” also, don’t you think??

    I wonder what theirs was…

    • Ron Blower says :

      “Voluntary Compliance with Islamic Quranic, Hadithic, Muslim Courts (Worldwide) etc. Laws AND how, what could be called, the final step of the Abrogation of US Constitutional Laws in accordance previous listed Muslim Laws & Values can start right here with THIS “Voluntary Compliance”.”

      Sorry. The middle of the paragraph should read:

      “…what could be called the first step towards the final step of the Abrogation…”.

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