U.S. Jihadis -Discounting the San Diego terror connection

Latest news reports are focusing on the Minneapolis connection between Douglas McCain and Abdiraaman Muhumed, the two Americans reported as being killed while fighting with ISIS/IS (Islamic State) in Syria.  With the large Somali presence in the Twin Cities, an active Al-Shabab terror group is almost a certainty and part of the jihadi recruitment efforts.  In February 2012, Al-Shabab and Al-Qaeda announced a merger of the two groups providing a conduit to recruitment for ISIS/IS.

McCain had lived in San Diego and at this point,  few reports have picked up on his ties to one of the city’s mosques or past Islamist activity. From Breibart:

SAN DIEGO, California — American citizen Douglas McAuthur McCain, recently killed in Syria after reportedly fighting alongside ISIS militants, has been at the center of new concerns over home-grown terrorists in the United States. McCain lived for years in San Diego, a city now identified as a hotbed for Islamic terror in the U.S.

While in San Diego, McCain reportedly attended San Diego City College; worked at the Somali restaurant, African Spice; and was connected with Masjid Nur, a mosque located in a highly Somali area of east San Diego, according to NBC news, citing a source familiar with McCain. San Diego’s 10 News has also reported McCain as connected to this mosque.

Breitbart News visited Masjid Nur the day details surrounding McCain’s death broke in the news. Men dressed in traditional attire were observed congregating and vigorously conversing in the street, just outside the building’s front gate. After taking note of this reporter, the men outside the mosque quickly dispersed.

Masjid Nur is also known as the Islamic Association & Foundation Of San Diego,  located at 3872 50th Street, San Diego, CA  

A local San Diego Fox affliate reporting on Masjid Nur, made mention of another American Al-Shabaab recruit from San Diego – Jehad Serwan Mostafa :

“Overtime they’re radicalized and that can happen at schools, it can happen in prisons, it can happen at mosques,” said FBI special agent Darrell Foxworth.

A multi-agency task force is constantly looking for leads and tips to prevent terrorist activity in San Diego, but Foxworth won’t confirm nor deny if they are in fact investigating this mosque.

The FBI is currently looking for another man fighting alongside terrorists who also lived in San Diego.

Jehad Mostafa is on the FBI’s most wanted terrorists list and is accused of aiding Somali terrorist organization Al-Shabaab.

Mostafa joined Al-Shabaab when he moved from San Diego to Somalia in 2005.  His reported terrorist activities include performing, “various functions for al-Shabaab, including acting as a training camp instructor and a leader of foreign fighters. He is also skilled in the group’s media activities.”  Mostafa attended the  Islamic Center of San Diego in Kearny Mesa.

Anwar Al-Awlaki, a planner for Al-Qaeda terror operations, served as imam at the Masjid Ar-Ribat al-Islami –  a Sunni mosque in San Diego, California,  from 1996 to 2000.  He was behind two failed terror plots against the United States before he was killed in 2011.  Two of the 9/11/2001 hijackers were reported to have attended this mosque in 2000.

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COMMENT/ANALYSIS: While Minneapolis weighs in heavily with the number of incidents involving Americans being recruited as Islamic jihadists, the San Diego ties should be a reminder that other U.S. locales are involved.  In 2013, we reported on terror recruits out of Alabama.  As American intelligence and law enforcement efforts start to focus on Americans being recruited for jihad, expect more news reports from cities that have become destinations for the increasing number of Muslim refugees.   American Islamic special interest groups (i.e. CAIR, MPAC, etc.) are most likely getting primed to claim increased Muslim persecution as well as play the race card as it pertains to Somali blacks.


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