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U.S. Muslim Brotherhood doctor speaks out on Syria

“Chemical weapons in the hands of someone with a “mafia mentality” is problem for the entire world … They can spread it all over the place” – Dr. Yahia Rahim

The News Herald of Panama City, FL published an article featuring a Syrian-born physician residing in Northwest Florida regarding his thoughts on recent events in Syria.  The article did not mention the doctor’s affiliation as the financial head of the U.S. based Muslim Brotherhood. 

As identified in the Holy Land Terror Funding trial, Muslim Brotherhood organizations have  provided financing to known terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Islamic Jihad Movement.  Both groups have been responsible for suicide bombings and rocket attacks – many of the victims being children.

Syria-born Bay doctor: Military response might be only effective option

From: Panama City News Herald (FL)
By S. Brady Calhoun, August 28, 2013

PANAMA CITY – Children dying because they can’t breathe.



That was the story local doctor Yahia Rahim got from a fellow doctor in Syria last week after reports that the Syrian Government used chemical weapons on its own people. The Syrian government denies the allegation and blames the rebels for the attack.

It is unclear how many people died in the attack.

Rahim said he spoke with a physician who tried to assist about 50 children who were having trouble breathing after the attack. All of them died in less than an hour, Rahim said.

Rahim was one of the first working physicians to get into refugee camps outside Syria after the conflict erupted in 2011 and has been back several times during the conflict between Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian rebels. During his trips Rahim has treated people for a a variety of issues including dehydration and infections and injuries that resulted from the conflict. The Syrian native has lived in America for more than 30 years.

He says a military response is probably the only way to stop the killing.

“I personally feel the international community should help,” he said.

Full Story: http://www.newsherald.com/news/government/local-doctor-syrian-native-talks-about-chemical-warfare-1.193479


COMMENTS:  Dr. Rahim’s reference to a “mafia mentality” is ironic, in that the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood (MB) operates along the lines of a criminal syndicate with a myriad of front groups (see Muslim Mafia: Inside the Secret Underworld that’s Conspiring to Islamize America). 

The unfortunate reality is that much of the American public, including the media, is oblivious to what is happening in their communities as it pertains to “radical Islam” and affiliated groups.   Within the U.S. much of the focus is on funding as well as increasing political capital/influence.   Steven Merley’s The Muslim Brotherhood in the United States  is an excellent source to help understand some of the inner workings of the MB as well as goals/objectives.

In the 1992 Phone Book seized during the Holyland Foundation investigation into terrorist funding, Dr. Rahim (Y. Abdul-Raheem) was listed as the economic head of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood. 

Dr. Rahim  is currently listed as the NAIT contact for the Bay County Islamic Society and is a director of the the Panama City Advanced School Corporation.  The school’s head, Rashid Karaman (Qurman), was listed as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation trial, attachment A, part III, no. 46.

Former MB leader, Ahmed Elkadi was based in Panama City, FL during the 1980s – 90s.  He later moved to Northern Virginia then to Tampa, where he died in 2009.


Accused Alabama terrorist – connecting the dots on the Gulf Coast

“Their conduct is assuredly not protected by the First Amendment.”
— Prosecutor Christopher Bodnar.

Accused Alabama terrorist claims free speech; government releases new details of recordings

From al.com
By Brendan Kirby, March 22, 2013

MOBILE, Alabama – To the defense, the terrorism charges against Randy “Rasheed” Wilson are an amorphous amalgam of vague allegations about conduct that never amounted to more than speech.

In asking a judge to throw out the charges, defense attorney Dom Soto asked if it is possible to “conspire to conspire.”

Federal prosecutors, in a written response this week, argued that the intent of Wilson and co-defendant Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukdair to maim and kill in the name of Islam was very real and that they took concrete steps to make it happen. The court filing includes new details of recordings made by an informant working with the FBI.

“Wilson and Abukhdair face serous terrorism charges not because they espoused their religious beliefs or their disdain for this country,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Christopher Bodnar wrote. “Rather, they are charged with forming an agreement to engage in criminal activity. Their conduct is assuredly not protected by the First Amendment.”

The issue now is in the hands of U.S. District Judge Kristi DuBose, who must decide whether charges will stand against Wilson, a Mobile man who lived for a time in Birmingham and attended an Islamic school there.

Plan for violent jihad alleged

Federal agents arrested Wilson in December as he was about to board a plane in Atlanta bound for Morocco. Authorities alleged that he planned to travel from there to the African nation of Mauritania and meet up with Abukdair, who had moved to Mobile from Egypt after the two struck up a friendship online in 2010.

From Mauritania, according to authorities, the defendants planned to find a place – perhaps in neighboring Mali– to wage violent jihad.

Soto acknowledged that that Wilson made plenty of negative comments about the United States in the hours on conversations that the FBI recorded. But he argued that even objectionable speech is protected by the First Amendment. He cited a World War II-era decision prohibiting the government from revoking the citizenship of German immigrant Carl Wilhelm Baumgartner, who had espoused pro-Nazi views.

Full Article:


COMMENT/ANALYSIS:  Wilson was arrested with Mohammad Abdul Rahman Abukhdair in 2012 on terrorism charges involving a plan to travel overseas and conduct “jihad”. 

The case became a bit confusing when the FBI advised an affidavit it had submitted, claiming Wilson was a former roommate of Daphne-born jihadist Omar Shafik Hammami, was incorrect.   The connection between the two forms the basis of the criminal complaint against Wilson, but even Wilson’s defense attorney admitted that the two did know each other.  Daphne, AL is about 20 minutes away from Mobile, AL were Wilson grew up.  Both locations are along the U.S. Gulf Coast.  

When asked about where there are Muslim communities in the U.S., most people  would point to major cities in the  northeast, Northern Virginia, and areas in Illinois and Michigan.  To the average American, the deep south brings up visions of staunch Baptists and families that have established American roots for many generations.  Very few would associate it with Muslim immigrants, let alone Islamist radicals and terror related activity.    

The Gulf Coast states are home to a number of  influential Muslim communities.  Many of the mosque’s and Islamic based schools are funded and controlled by the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). Here are several examples related to radical Islamic activity:

During the late 1970s/early 1980s, a number of young Muslim professionals (doctors, engineers, educators)  moved to these southern locations,  identified as areas that would welcome Muslims and provide an environment favorable for dawah.  Most of these professionals were/are affiliated with Muslim Brotherhood groups such as the Muslim Students Association (MSA).    As they became established,  the local populations viewed these professionals and their families as outstanding members of the community, and usually above reproach.   This view is still prevalent despite documented evidence that shows activity promoting the goals and agenda of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood.

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