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A Canadian college and Islamic terror recruiting

“In Quebec, 11 of the 17 would-be fighters since January all went to Collège de Maisonneuve …”
– Montreal Gazzette

New report sheds light on growing number of foreign terrorist fighters

From: Montreal Gazzette
By: Catherine Solyom, May 27, 2015

A new United Nations report provides a stark assessment of the growing ranks of foreign terrorist fighters heading to the Middle East, how they are getting there and who is helping them — with obvious applications for those struggling to understand Quebec’s own vulnerability to recruitment after seven youths were believed to have travelled to ISIS territory since January, and another 10 were stopped at the airport.

There are now an estimated 25,000 foreign fighters from 100 countries — an increase of 71 per cent between mid-2014 and March 2015.

Released May 19, the report shares lessons learned in some 42 member states who provided written input, and draws on visits to 21 countries and bilateral meetings with 27 security agencies. Foreign fighters are also travelling to Afghanistan and Africa, but the surge over the last year has been to Syria and Iraq.


“What has changed over the past three years is the scale of the problem,” the UN writes.

Out of the 25,000, the UN says six states have generated more than 1,000 foreign terrorist fighters each, 42 have generated more than 100 fighters each and a further set of countries have generated between one and 100 known cases each.

In early 2014, the Canadian government estimated that 130 people had left Canada in support of terrorism-related activities.

Full Article: http://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/new-report-sheds-light-on-growing-number-of-foreign-terrorist-fighters


COMMENT/ANALYSIS:   The initial UN report came out in March 2015 mentioning there were, “some 22,000 foreign fighters in Syria and Iraq, there were also 6,500 in Afghanistan and hundreds more in Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Somalia. ”   Troubling confirmation of news and other accounts from various western countries of their citizens joining Islamic terror and militant groups.  The full, finalized UN report can be read HERE.

In 2013 we highlighted western recruited fighters in “Taking a Jihadi Vacation“.   

The Montreal Gazzette article highlights a particular concern for those in Canada regarding a junior college in downtown Montreal:

In Quebec, 11 of the 17 would-be fighters since January all went to Collège de Maisonneuve — and several attended the Centre Assahaba run by Adil Charkaoui, including at least one of the 10 youths stopped at the airport, whose father now blames Charkoaui. Most fighters are males, 15 to 35. What is new is the significant number of minors and girls heading to Syria and Iraq.

Prior to  the UN report, in April 2015 the Toronto Star reported on two Collège de Maisonneuve students arrested on terror charges.  In February 2015,  The Globe and Mail reported on six Montreal students, four believed to have studied at Collège de Maisonneuve,  suspected of traveling to the Middle East to join ISIS.   Iman Adil Charkaoui is mentioned in both articles.

A National Post article notes:

Beginning in the late 1990s, Canadian intelligence officers opened a file on Adil Charkaoui that eventually persuaded them he was a dangerous al-Qaida sleeper agent.

But after federal prosecutors chose to withdraw their security certificate case against him in 2009 rather than disclose intelligence sources, the Moroccan immigrant slipped from public view.

Today, Charkaoui, 41, has resurfaced as an imam, and he finds himself under a different cloud.

Instead of targeting jetliners or the Montreal subway system, as the Canadian Security Intelligence Service once alleged, he is accused of poisoning the minds of young Quebecers.

Charkaoui has denied any role in radicalization and complained he is the victim of a witch-hunt.

The National Post further reports:

Charkaoui first came to the attention of CSIS when he was spotted in the company of suspected Islamic extremists in Montreal, reports filed as evidence say. Ahmed Ressam, convicted of plotting to bomb Los Angeles International Airport, told CSIS agents that Charkaoui was present at an al-Qaida training camp in Afghanistan in 1998, the documents say. Charkaoui said he was attending Islamic schools in Pakistan at the time.

Ahmed Ressam  was convicted in 2001 for a 1999 plot to blow up the Los Angeles International Airport.  He was caught attempting to the enter the U.S. through a port in Washington state with explosives in the trunk of his rental car.  

Ressam also identified al Qaeda linked Zacarias Moussaoui as an individual he trained with in Afghanistan.  Moussaoui pled guilty to a charge of conspiring to kill citizens of the United States as part of the September 11 2001 al Qaeda terrorist attacks.

Based on past information obtained, Charkaoui should certainly be looked at, but additional activities/personnel at the junior college need to be heavily scrutinized as well.


Obama, Free Speech and the Islamists

Andrew C. McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor under the Clinton administration, was recently interviewed by the Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas regarding the Benghazi incident.  A senior fellow at the National Review Institute, he writes for National Review Online and is the author of several books on Islamism.

Mr. McCarthy faults the Obama administration on it’s lack of decisive action and incompetence in handling Benghazi, even using the label “dereliction of duty”.  He points out how the administration repeatedly lied about the cause/source of the Benghazi attack, claiming it was a response to an anti-Muslim video.   This leads to Mr. McCarthy stating that since 2009, the Obama administration continues to work with the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) to find agreement on U.N. Human Rights Council Resolution 16/18, which would deem it unlawful to incite hostility toward religion.

“What we are effectively doing is codifying the Sharia blasphemy standard under which any criticism of Islam…is deemed to be a capital offense, not just a crime … something that is so profoundly serious that it could be met with the death penalty,” McCarthy said.

Mr. McCarthy’s comments bring to light the disturbing trend of the Obama administration to bend and submit to Islamists not only domestically, but on a global scale.  To fully understand the motivation behind U.N. Resolution 16/18, one simply needs to look into the makeup and history of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

A permanent delegation of the United Nations, The Organization of Islamic Cooperation  consists of 57 member states and is headquartered in Jedda, Saudi Arabia .   It’s charter is quite clear in regards to goals and objectives, and as would be expected primarily focuses on issues that are beneficial to Islam …

Chapter 1, Article 1, paragraph 11:
To disseminate, promote and preserve the Islamic teachings and values based on moderation and
tolerance, promote Islamic culture and safeguard Islamic heritage;

Chapter 1, Article 1, paragraph 12:
To protect and defend the true image of Islam, to combat defamation of Islam and encourage dialogue
among civilisations and religions;

Chapter 1, Article 1,paragraph 16:
To safeguard the rights, dignity and religious and cultural identity of Muslim communities and
minorities in non-Member States;

Considering that a number of the OIC member states are named in reports of the persecution of non-Muslims and the OIC is headquartered in a country that severely restricts any religion other than Islam, it’s really not hard to conclude that any OIC support for U.N. Resolution 16/18 is not aimed at the protection of all religions.  Jonathan Turley, writing on op-ed piece in the Los Angeles Times (2011) put it quite well:

Although the resolution also speaks to combating incitement to violence, the core purpose behind this and previous measures has been to justify those who speak against religion. The members of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, or OIC, have been pushing for years to gain international legitimacy of their domestic criminal prosecutions of anti-religious speech.

Using the United Nations as a platform for globally promoting an Islamic agenda is always disturbing.   In this case, even more so since political correctness is being wielded in a way that places our own 1st Amendment to the U.S. Constitution at odds with the international community.  Mr. Turley writes:

The OIC has hit on a winning strategy to get Western countries to break away from their commitment to free speech by repackaging blasphemy as hate speech and free speech as the manifestation of “intolerance.” Now, orthodoxy is to be protected in the name of pluralism — requiring their own notion of “respect and empathy and tolerance.” One has to look only at the OIC member countries, however, to see their vision of empathy and tolerance, as well as their low threshold for anti-religious speech that incites people.

… and in relation to Mr. McCarthy’s reference to working with the OIC:

Although the OIC and the Obama administration claim fealty to free speech, the very premise of the meeting reveals a desire to limit it. Many delegates presuppose that speech threatens faith, when it has been religious orthodoxy that has long been the enemy of free speech. Conversely, free speech is the ultimate guarantee of religious freedom.

The Obama Administration’s coziness with  the Organization of Islamic Cooperation sets off a number of concerns, considering the national interests of most of the OIC member nations conflict with the standing policies and laws of the United States.    The Benghazi incident and the U.S. response appears to be another symptom of a far greater problem – an ever growing American capitulation to Islamic global interests.


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